Our services

From consultation to finished master, our sound services are designed to complete your project with excellence.

Mixing & Mastering

SoundSculpt offer a mulitude of options for mixing and mastering your next hit! With 6+ years of both personal & professional experience in mixing & mastering across all genres, you can trust us to make your project pop.

Podcast Editing

We love making podcasts sound their absolute best. From removing unwanted parts all the way to making your voice have that 'Podcast" sound, SoundSculpt's invaluable experience will make your podscast perfect.

Music Production

SoundSculpt boast over 6+ years of production experience in a diverse range of genres. No matter your budget, we have a massive selection of pre-made beats and will happily work with you to make your perfect instrumental.

Music Recording

We offer an extremely limited service of recording music. Currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, we offer very limited recording packages and single sessions, so be sure to contact us to discuss recording your next project.

Film Audio Production

From audio post-production to foley, SoundSculpt have practical experience in making film & television sound better than ever. Contact us to talk about the sound on your next film.